Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Program

There is no doubt that owning and managing a business fleet of any size can be a significant challenge. Whether you are operating a small company with one or two trucks or an organization with hundreds of units in its fleet, there are many operational and administrative tasks to contend with to ensure that your vehicles operate at peak performance.

It is also clear that poor maintenance practices can lead to increased costs for fuel, tires, maintenance, and repairs and additional safety risks for the drivers operating these vehicles. Wigmore Insurance Group provides a Fleet Maintenance Program to enhance the safety and efficiency of your vehicles while also reducing the costs associated with fleet management.

Services Offered at Wigmore Insurance Group For Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Program


1. Preventative Maintenance

Through preventative maintenance, the Wigmore Insurance Group Fleet Maintenance Program helps to ensure that a wide range of critical safety and operational issues are addressed before they can pose a problem for your organization. We will work with you to create a customized schedule for servicing each type of vehicle-based on its size, make and model. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can be assured that your vehicles are operating at their peak performance level and will be prepared to handle any situation they encounter.

2. Cost-Effective Repairs

Many organizations have difficulty keeping up with vehicle repairs, especially when the organization has a diverse fleet of vehicles. Wigmore Insurance Group also offers a Fleet Repair Program to help you manage vehicle repair needs for your business.

By partnering with a third-party repair facility, Wigmore Insurance Group can help you gain a competitive advantage over other businesses regarding the quality and cost-effectiveness of your repairs. In addition to providing repair services, this program also allows you to take advantage of highly competitive pricing for parts and labor.

3. Preventive Maintenance Software

It can be challenging for organizations with complex maintenance schedules to keep track of all specific vehicles and parts needing servicing when such an extensive maintenance schedule is necessary. By partnering with Wigmore Insurance Group, you can access our Fleet Maintenance Program software, allowing you to easily manage the entire fleet maintenance process.

In addition to providing you with a full range of preventative maintenance services, the software will also allow your organization to generate a wide range of reports that will enable you to track how each vehicle is performing effectively. Whether you are interested in finding out how much fuel your cars are using, tracking problems with tires, or determining when a particular part needs to be replaced, you can easily access your information.


Telematic Device/GPS Tracking for Vehicles

In the past, GPS tracking has only been used to track and monitor high-value assets and oversized shipments. Today’s business environment requires more proactive intelligence capabilities. Wigmore insurance agency is proud to announce a new telematics device for your vehicle for commercial insurance clients with fleets of cars that need better visibility into their operations. This new device will allow for live tracking of your vehicles and the ability to monitor selected vehicle parameters.

What is a Telematic Device

It is a device used to monitor and track the movement of an asset in real-time. Most GPS systems are intelligent enough to generate reports on where the vehicle has been and when, but this device can be configured to give more detailed readings, including speed, acceleration, and even distance. It also allows for various parameters to be monitored and recorded. The device can be configured for multiple drivers so each driver can have their designated GPS device – perfect for a large fleet.


Benefits of Telematic Device/GPS Tracking for Vehicles

1. Supports owner/agent relationship goals

Our priority is to develop systems that support owner/agent relationships for the employee feel that their work is valued and ultimately increase their productivity. We can accomplish this by delivering performance metrics that focus on their actual needs instead of just volumes or profitability metrics. We will provide these metrics with trends that can allow the employees to make informed decisions on the usage of their equipment and how they can improve their efficiency.

2. Provides a new way to measure productivity

All companies want to know more about the efficiency of their employees. By providing this information, we allow owners/agents to make informed decisions about the usage of their equipment, increasing the amount of work that you can complete in a given time frame.

3. Provides multiple reports on selected vehicle parameters

We understand that not all vehicles are the same, so we will deliver messages for each car customized for that vehicle’s specific needs to provide you with optimal service. These reports will allow you to view your overall schedules and pre-trip and post-trip information.

4. Provides real-time tracking of vehicle location

We understand that not all vehicles go where they are supposed to go. With this device, we will ensure that your fleet is always on schedule by making sure each of your cars moves in the right direction at the right speed on the correct route.

5. Provides alerts if a vehicle is out of service

By monitoring your vehicle’s movements, we can determine that they are not where they are expected to be. It will allow us to notify you if your car is out of service and notify you when it has returned.



We are excited to announce this new device, and we will be providing all of the information that will help you enable this device as quickly as possible. If you would like to learn more about how this new device can improve your fleet’s efficiency and business operations, please reach out and let us know.

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