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Umbrella Insurance is a type of insurance that provides home and auto insurance coverage in instances where the damages exceed the liability limits for the primary policies. Umbrella Insurance can protect you from lawsuits, judgments, and costs that may exceed some of your home or auto protections in catastrophic loss situations.

Umbrella Insurance is a form designed to be used if something unexpected or out of the ordinary happens and you need to get additional funds for your home or business.

These risks can be anything that could provide:

  • Disastrous financial losses like the loss of investment.
  • A total loss of property.
  • Sickness.

If you currently do not have this type of coverage, you may want to start by getting more comprehensive coverage that will give you more peace of mind knowing that should these events occur, your insurance company will cover them. Your home would not lose all its value due to an uninsured event.

Wigmore specializes in Umbrella Insurance and has an extensive network of brokers to help you find the right coverage for your financial needs. Wigmore wants you to trust their expertise in understanding your insurance needs, where they are, and how much they will cost.

Wigmore Insurance Company since 1952 has been providing coverage to those who need it. They are not looking only to please the client, but they are looking to protect them through their services. Every policy is carefully crafted, and Wigmore Insurance Agency offers its clients a wide range of options to ensure that their coverage will provide the best protection.

Wigmore has also been well known for avoiding any issues with Legal fees and judgments after a lawsuit has taken place. The company prides itself on understanding its client’s needs to give them the best ways to protect them.

Wigmore Insurance provides services in the following areas:

  1. Commercial Insurance – Wigmore knows how important it is to have the right coverage for your business. For this reason, Wigmore Insurance provides options to give you the protection your business deserves.
  2.  Homeowner’s Insurance – Wigmore Insurance protects your home from fire, theft, and other damages. It provides coverage to help you deal with devastation when the unexpected happens.
  3. Rental Insurance – If you own a rental property, you need to ensure that the tenants are covered with insurance while they live there and any liability they may have while they live on your property.
  4. Umbrella Insurance – this type of insurance can be helpful if something unexpected happens and you need to get additional funds for your home or business.
  5. Auto Insurance – Knowing what a valuable possession your car is, you must be covered in the case of an accident or damage due to weather-related events, theft, fire and other incidents that may occur while you drive your vehicle.
  6. Life Insurance – This type of insurance is designed to help financially provide for your family in the event of your death and give other special needs that they may have.

Wigmore Insurance employees have a wide range of experience and expertise, which allows them to identify new opportunities for improving risk management programs, lowering costs and meeting customers’ needs.

Gabe Sanchez, the Commercial Lines Account Executive at Wigmore Insurance Agency, has worked with the agency for over six years. He is an expert on commercial insurance and can help manage your business risk and provide excellent service to his commercial clients as a small business owner. Gabe can help you find the right policy; he is committed to meeting the customer’s needs while maintaining a profitable relationship with Wigmore and ensuring partners.

Gabe Sanchez has assisted businesses in the following ways:

  • Looking for commercial insurance coverage such as general liability, business interruption, and other types of coverage.
  • Working with agents to find the right policy for customers’ needs with low-cost options and competitive pricing. He is a quick study of understanding risk and can help you zero in on the perfect approach. Gabe also understands how to ensure your policies are maintained and, where needed, can take action quickly to resolve claims or problems that may arise.
  • Looking for the best possible value for your coverage needs.
  • Work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best coverage and rates. Wigmore Agency specializes in providing options to give you the protection that your business deserves while also keeping you informed of current events and trends that may affect your coverage.

Our agency has a network of more than five hundred independent agents throughout the United States who are dedicated to assisting you with finding policies that not only protect you but also provide excellent value.

Wigmore Insurance Agency has made a great effort to help its clients understand risk management and risk control. They have also taken steps to provide guidance and published insurance products that protect their customers from unforeseen losses. As with any insurance, precautions and planning are necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

Wigmore Insurance has created an extensive network of certified insurance professionals throughout the United States who can assist in developing your personalized policy. They have also built a reputation for offering higher service and priority attention to their clients and customers.

In conclusion, individuals need to find the right coverage for them to keep their families protected.

Wigmore Insurance Agency can help you find the right insurance for your home and personal needs.


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