Always receive great service from this insurance company.

- Jadie

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share this wonderful experience with us. We consider ourselves very lucky to have James as part of our team. We care very much about our clients and I'm please to hear your positive review. We look forward to the opportunity to help you in all your future insurance needs. Thank you for being a loyal client.

- Will B.

I've been with this company for 3years. We never had any problem with them. Gabe Sanchez is my guy! He replies right away whenever I need him and send me any documents so quickly. I guarantee that you can trust him 100%.

- Takuma F.

This is an appreciation review to Jesse McCray and his team at the Wigmore Insurance Agency, Inc., thank you for your hard work and dedication on helping my trucking company with the best quote/policy. Trucking insurance is expensive! Jesse and his team were able to create an affordable policy that met all of our needs here at Course Inc.

- Loren W.

My family/company has had the pleasure of working with Tim and Gabe for years+++ now. They have always been super communicative and on top of things. They are efficient and reliable, which is key! Just last week I needed a insurance paper asap and Gabe responded so quickly with documents needed, which is super helpful! Not only are they on point in getting things done, they are a local business, which is a plus. In my experience they seem to really care about their clients, which is super refreshing.

- Cami H.

I've been a Wigmore client for more than a decade. I'd give them and agent James Suh 20 stars if I could. Immediate service, extremely knowledgeable, totally customer centric. If I was able to transfer my insurance when I relocated out of state they would've been my insurance folks for life. Highly recommend these incredible professionals

- Mark A.

Just wanted to thank Wigmore Ins. Agency for their excellent customer service. It is so nice to find such a professional team to work with locally. Paula was extremely helpful and knowledgable with small group health coverages, which was exactly what we were looking for!!! Would definitely recommend Wigmore Ins Agency.

- Jill S.

My family and I have used Wigmore insurance for the past 8 years and we have had excellent service! Would recommend to friends and family!

- Laura L.

Wigmore Insurance has been my go to agency for over 20 years. They are honest and knowledgeable with great service. My contact over the years has been Odilie Sanchez who has been very attentive and accurate. Tim Wigmore has been there when I need him too. He keeps us safe and properly insured.

- Emily B.

Gabe is amazing and has great turnaround round. Terrific customer service. Been there for 10 years and couldn't be happier.

- mdandler d.

I recently used Wigmore Insurance to obtain life insurance for my husband and I to secure our future for our growing family. The agent we used provided excellent customer service and secured us a much cheaper rate than other companies we contacted. We plan to use them for all our insurance needs in the future. Thanks again for your help!

- Elizabeth P.

I have been a Wigmore Client for many years, they take care of my small business insurance, General Liability and Auto. I find them to be very competitively priced. Ken and Ray are such a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend this agency :)

- Robin W.

Tom has helped me immensely with all my insurance needs. He goes above and beyond to get whatever we ask done in a timely manner, and we are very pleased to have him as our insurance agent. If you are looking to get insurance, make sure to give the team at Wigmore a call! Thank you Tom!!

- Jun H.

Have been a Wigmore client for almost a decade now and have nothing but positive things to say about this agency. If you're looking for a new insurance policy, they make the process painless, but that's easy enough to do on your own. What really impresses me is their customer service. Over the years, I have reached out to them countless times with quick policy questions or requests, asking for advice, etc., etc. They are always incredibly prompt, courteous and patient in their communication. MUCH better experience than dealing with the insurance companies themselves. James Suh is my current rep and he's top notch, as they all have been. Can't recommend Wigmore enough.

- Will B.

My names is Terri and I just recently went with Wigmore. My agent is Diana Trejo and I have to tell you how amazingly professional she is. She treated my Mum and me with such incredible customer service, I'm actually sorry i didn't use Wigmore sooner. She was efficient, organized and extremely kind, so many companies lack what Diana embodies. The receptionist was also so personable and the office was very warm and friendly. I would highly recommend anyone who needs there insurance needs met, to go to Wigmore. Thank you Wigmore, you'll be my new agency for life. :)

- T 2.

Tom @ Wigmore Insurance has been a great asset to me and my clients. They answer all our questions and make recommendations that we would otherwise be unaware of. They go above and beyond and if your looking to work with someone who has some integrity look no further.

- Monique E.

Best insurance agency in Orange County. All the agents are very personable, great customer service, and really look out for you. Its hard to find insurance people like this nowadays. Highly recommend. All the agents in the office are great to work with.

- Lin L.

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